Can you answer these questions?

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1. Q: What happened to this tree?

A: An animal chewed all around the base of the tree.

2. Q: What kind of an animal did this?

A: A beaver did it.

A beaver looks like this:


3. Q: What is the outside part of a tree called?

A: It’s called the bark.

4. Q: What will happen to this tree?

A: It will die.


A: It will probably fall over.

4. Q: What will the beaver do with this tree after it falls over?

A: The beaver will use it to make a dam. (A dam is a home that beavers live in. Beaver dams are found on rivers and lakes.)


5. Q: What are some other kinds of animals that use trees to make their homes?

A: Birds, squirrels, and monkeys also use trees to make their homes.

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