Can you answer these questions?

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1. Q: What is this?

A: It’s an umbrella.

2. Q: Is it open or closed?

A: It’s open.


3. Q: How do you open and close it?

A: To open an umbrella, there’s usually a button that you push near the handle. Then you slide it open until it’s fully extended.

To close an umbrella, there’s a metal piece that you push near the top of the umbrella. Then you pull on a slide so that it collapses.

4. Q: Why would someone carry around an umbrella?

A: A person carries around an umbrella in case of rain.


A: An umbrella protects you from the rain.

5. Q: Does it have other uses?

A: You can also use an umbrella for protection from the sun.

Some people use an umbrella in the same way that they use a cane–for support while walking.

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