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Can you answer these questions?

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1. Q: What’s he doing?

A: He’s weightlifting.


A: He’s bodybuilding.


A: He’s exercising.

2. Q: Why is he doing that?

A: He wants to become stronger.


A: He wants to build his muscles.


3. Q: What is he using for this exercise?

A: He’s using a dumbell.


A: He’s using a weight.

4. Q: What part of his body will this make strong?

A: This will make his arm stronger.


A: This will make his biceps stronger.

5. Q: If you don’t exercise at home, where can you go to exercise or build your body?

A: You can go to a gymnasium, a fitness center, a recreation center, a YMCA (in the United States), or a workout room.

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