Violet Level Quiz #1 – Subordinating Conjunctions

Directions: Choose from among these subordinating conjunctions to complete each sentence:

  although as long as  because  even if    so that  unless  until  while

1. She has decided to move to Portland because there are more opportunities for employment in that city.

2. You can borrow my car as long as you agree to be very careful with it.

3. They’ll have a good corn harvest this year unless it rains a lot and prevents them from harvesting their crops.

4. Our neighbor is going to buy a gun so that she can protect herself from intruders who break into her apartment.

5. Although he can save a lot of money by taking the bus, Russ still drives his car into the city every day.

6. Ronald is going to finish his homework even if it takes him all night.

7. My daughter can’t wait until she gets her new bike.

8. Stay in the car while I go into the store. I’ll be right back.

9. It’s a good idea to go to college for four years even if it’s possible to get a good job without a degree.

10. Although he’s overweight, Tony eats a lot of food before he goes to bed. That’s not healthy.

11. The police can’t arrest the suspect in the crime until they have more evidence against him.

12. Tim’s parents will let him have his own car as long as he pays for his own insurance and doesn’t get into any trouble with it.

13. While Terry was talking on the phone and not paying attention, her kids were making a big mess in the kitchen.

14. Because the police caught him driving while drunk, he lost his license.

15. Hubert’s wife will have to get a job so that they can afford to pay their mortgage and other expenses.

16. You shouldn’t accept a ride in a car from someone unless you know the person really well.

17. Rogelio needs to see a doctor because his back is really bothering him a lot.

18. Jorge Shrubino was not a popular leader in his country although he had support from the business community.

19. Tanya and Uri have agreed not to move in together until they get married.

20. The teacher got angry because the students were talking while he was trying to teach the class.


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