be – present tense (ANSWERS)


Question: How old is he?

Answer: He’s 45 years old.  wtie by hand

1. Question: How old is she?

 Answer: She’s 25 years old.

2. Question: What is her name?

 Answer: Her name is Mary.

3. Question: Where is the school?

 Answer: The school is down the street.

4. Question: How far away is the school?

 Answer: The school is ten minutes away.

5. Question: What time is it?

 Answer: It’s 10:30.

6. Question: How many people are there?

 Answer: There are 15 people.

7. Question: How much is it?  (or….this? / that?)

 Answer: It’s ten dollars.

8. Question: Who is he?

 Answer: He’s my neighbor.

9. Question: How long are they?

 Answer: They’re twelve inches long.

10. Question: When is the party?

 Answer: The party is at 8 p.m.

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