the future tense – be going to (ANSWERS)


Question: When are you going to be there?  wtie by hand

Answer: I’m going to be there on Monday.  

1. Question: When is she going to be there?

 Answer: She’s going to be there in a few hours.

2. Question: Where is she going to go?

 Answer: She’s going to go to the store.

3. Question: How are you going to get to work? (or "go’)

 Answer: I’m going to take the bus to work.

4. Question: Why is he going to be late?

 Answer: He’s going to be late because his car isn’t working.

5. Question: How much are they going to pay for their furniture?

 Answer: They’re going to pay $2000 for their furniture.

6. Question: Where is Jenny going to live?

 Answer: Jenny is going to live in Chicago.

7. Question: Who are you going to go out with tonight?

 Answer: I’m going to go out with my friends tonight.

8. Question: What is he going to do?

 Answer: He doesn’t know what he’s going to do.

9. Question: What time is the movie going to start?

 Answer: I don’t know what time the movie is going to start.

10. Question: When are they going to finish the project?

 Answer: They’re going to finish the project by next week.

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