modal verb: can (ANSWERS)

 Directions: Write questions using the modal verb, can. First, read the answer. Then, write the question by hand in your notebook.


Question: When time can she come over?   wtie by hand

Answer: She can come over after 6.  

1. Question: When can I leave?

 Answer: You can leave after 5.

2. Question: Who can help me?

 Answer: The salesclerk can help you.

3. Question: Where can he park his car?

 Answer: He can park his car in the street.

4. Question: How much can she pay for rent?

 Answer: She can pay up to $800 a month for rent.

5. Question: Why can’t he go to work today?

 Answer: He can’t go to work today because he has a flat tire.

6. Question: Where can I find a newspaper?

 Answer: You can find a newspaper over on that rack.

7. Question: How could he be so mean?

 Answer: It’s hard to explain how he could be so mean.

8. Question: Which one can I have?

 Answer: You can have the red one.

9. Question: When can the students leave the classroom?

 Answer: The students can leave the classroom when they are dismissed by the teacher.

10. Question: Who can we call to report the accident?

 Answer: We can call the police to report the accident.

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