the past continuous tense (ANSWERS)

 Directions: Write information questions in the past continuous tense tense. First, read the answer. Then, write the question by hand in your notebook.


Question: Who was making the noise?  wtie by hand

Answer: The kids were making the noise.  

1. Question: Where were you living last year?

 Answer: I was living in Texas last year.

2. Question: How many hours was she working every week?

 Answer: She was working 40 hours every week.

3. Question: How long was I sleeping?

 Answer: You were sleeping for about an hour.

4. Question: Why was the teacher getting angry?

 Answer: The teacher was getting angry because the students were talking while he was talking.

5. Question: Who was he talking to?

 Answer: He was talking to his supervisor.

6. Question: What were they selling?

 Answer: They were selling electronic equipment.

7. Question: How were you feeling yesterday?

 Answer: I wasn’t feeling very well yesterday.

8. Question: How much were they paying you?

 Answer: They were paying me $12 an hour.

9. Question: What was I talking about?

 Answer: You were talking about the movie you saw.

10. Question: How was the car running this morning?

 Answer: The car wasn’t running very well this morning.

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