the past tense (ANSWERS)


Question: Where did he go?   wtie by hand

Answer: He went to the post office. 

1. Question: What did she have for lunch?

 Answer: She had a sandwich for lunch.

2. Question: How long did the test take?

 Answer: The test took 45 minutes

3. Question: Where did you put the chicken?

 Answer: I put the chicken in the freezer

4. Question: When did they come to the United States?

 Answer: They came to the United States in 2007

5. Question: How many gallons of milk did you buy?

 Answer: I bought two gallons of milk.

6. Question: Who did he call?

 Answer: He called his mother.

7. Question: How much did the tickets cost?

 Answer: The tickets cost $20.

8. Question: Why did you come to the United States?

 Answer: I came to the United States to improve my life and become successful.

9. Question: Where did the mail carrier put the mail?

 Answer: The mail carrier put the mail in the mailbox.

10. Question: What did they do yesterday?

 Answer: They went to the park.

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