the present perfect continuous tense (ANSWERS)

 Directions: Write yes-no questions in the present perfect continuous tense. First, read the answer. Then, write the question by hand in your notebook.


Question: What has she been doing?  wtie by hand

Answer: She’s been helping her mother.  

1. Question: What has he been doing all day?

 Answer: He’s been playing soccer all day

2. Question: Where have you been working?

 Answer: I’ve been working at a movie theater.

3. Question: Where has she been working?

 Answer: She’s been living in California.

4. Question: How long has Jose been studying English?

 Answer: Jose has been studying English for the last two years.

5. Question: Why have they been going to a doctor?

 Answer: They’ve been going to a doctor because they are sick.

6. Question: How much have you been paying for rent?

 Answer: I’ve been paying $900 a month for rent.

7. Question: What kind of a car has she been driving?

 Answer: She’s been driving a Honda Accord.

8. Question: How long has it been raining?

 Answer: It’s been raining for the last two hours.

9. Question: How has your mother been feeling?

 Answer: My mother hasn’t been feeling very well.

10. Question: Who have you been talking to?

 Answer: I’ve been talking to my brother.

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