the present perfect tense (ANSWERS)

 Directions: Write yes-no questions in the present perfect tense. First, read the answer. Then, write the question by hand in your notebook.


Question: Has he ever visited the U.S.?  wtie by hand

Answer: Yes, he has. He’s been there twice.  

1. Question: Have you ever been to the United States?

 Answer: No, I haven’t. I’ve never been to the United States.

2. Question: Have they eaten lunch yet?

 Answer: Yes, they have. They ate lunch an hour ago.

3. Question: Has he ever had a mango before?

 Answer: No, he hasn’t. He’s never had a mango before.

4. Question: Has she ever seen that movie?

 Answer: Yes, she has. She has seen that movie twice.

5. Question: Has it rained in the last week?

 Answer: No, it hasn’t. It hasn’t rained in the last week.

6. Question: Have we paid the rent yet?

 Answer: Yes, we have. We’ve already paid the rent.

7. Question: Have I ever met her?

 Answer: No, you haven’t. You have never met her before.

8. Question: Has the newspaper come yet?

 Answer: Yes, it has. The newspaper came earlier.

9. Question: Have you ever played golf?

 Answer: No, I haven’t. I’ve never played golf.

10. Question: Have apples ripened yet?

 Answer: No, they haven’t. The apples haven’t ripened yet.

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