the present tense (ANSWERS)


Question: Where does she work?   wtie by hand

Answer: She works at Burger King. 

1. Question: Where does she live?

 Answer: She lives in Boston.

2. Question: How many books do you have?

 Answer: I have three books.

3. Question: When does the movie start?

 Answer: The movie starts at six o’clock.

4. Question: What does he do?

 Answer: He’s a cook

5. Question: Why do they wake up early?

 Answer: They wake up early because they have to go to work.

6. Question: How much money do they need?

 or… How much do they need?

 Answer: They need twenty dollars.

7. Question: How many people do you know here?

 Answer: I know three or four people here.

8. Question: Who do you call when there’s a problem in your neighborhood?

 Answer: I call the police when there’s a problem in my neighborhood.

9. Question: How long does the pasta take to cook?

 Answer: The pasta takes about ten minutes to cook.

10. Question: When do they finish work?

 Answer: They finish work at 9 p.m.

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