The word "do" can be used as both a helping verb and as a main verb. For this reason it creates enormous confusion for students. When used as a main verb, "do" refers to work–housework, shopping, studying, research, and other assorted activities.

  • She did a good job on her homework.
  • Bob did the dishes. (Bob washed the dishes.)
  • I have to do some vacuuming.
  • We usually do our shopping on the weekend.
  • Teresa has been doing her laundry at the laundromat because her machine is broken.
  • Helen is doing her nails. (She’s shaping and polishing her fingernails.)
  • Where do you want to do lunch today? (do lunch = have lunch, eat lunch)
  • They had nothing to do with the situation. (They have to responsibility for what happened.)
  • She has nothing to do. (She’s not busy.)

Do you know how to make the sentences above negative or form questions?

In the Red Level you’ll find several lessons that will help you with this important verb.

December 3 , 2011