The verb "melt" is used when something cold or hard changes from a solid to a liquid or soft form. We usually use "melt" with things like snow, ice, and ice cream, but there are other situations in which this word can appear:

  • All of the snow is melting in our front yard.
  • When ice melts, it turns to water.
  • Don’t leave the ice cream out of the freezer. If you do, it will melt.
  • The defroster on your car will help melt the ice off of your back windshield.
  • Many people like to eat hot, melted cheese on tortilla chips.
  • Metals like gold and silver melt at very high temperatures.
  • Her love for him melted his heart.
  • If the snow hadn’t melted, we would have been able to go skiing. Now we can’t go.

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December 12, 2011