Use the word "mumble" when a person speaks softly or unclearly. It’s not a good idea to mumble, but some people do it when they don’t want another person to hear what they’re saying.

  • The teacher told the students to stop mumbling and finish their work.
  • A lot of people in the office were mumbling about their supervisor, saying she was being unfair. (People mumble when they complain privately about something.)
  • What are you mumbling about?

Or a person mumbles when speaking softly:

  • Edward mumbled a few words of apology to his mother before leaving the house.
  • The students who were mumbling during the presentation were told to stay after school.

Sometimes the act of mumbling is a speech deficiency which has to be corrected:

  • Christina has a bad habit of mumbling. She needs to learn how to speak clearly.
  • Jose mumbles when he speaks in English and in Spanish.

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December 18, 2011