The word "short" is an adjective. It’s the opposite of "tall" or "long."

  • Edgar is short. He’s five feet, three inches tall.
  • It’s a short, one-hour flight to Chicago.
  • That move was short. It was only an hour and a half.
  • The students spent a short amount of time in the classroom today.

The word "short" is also a great word to use when you don’t have enough of something. You can use this for money, time, or just about anything that you can count. Here are some examples:

  • The restaurant at the hotel was short-staffed last night, so everyone had to work harder.
  • Alex’s term paper was a few pages short, so the teacher gave him a lower grade.
  • Can you please hurry? We’re short of time.
  • I’m short of money. Can I borrow some from you?
  • Ayan wanted to buy some shoes that cost $30, but she was six dollars short. How much money did she have? (Answer: twenty-four dollars)
  • Todd checked his cash register and noticed he was a hundred dollars short. What happened to the money?

grocery store cash register

A person who wears shorts, wears pants that do not go all the way down the legs. The pants are short. Shorts are worn by men and women.

  • Ronald wears shorts in the summer.
  • I like to wear shorts when it’s hot outside.
  • The doctor told his patient to strip down to his shorts. (Sometimes the word "shorts" refers to a man’s underwear.)

shorts He’s wearing shorts.

The word "shorten" is a verb. It means to make something shorter.

simplepastpast participle
  • A tailor shortened the sleeves on my coat because they were too long.
  • The meeting was shortened by about half an hour.
  • The workday is shortened on Christmas Eve so that people can get home to be with their families.

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