While "x" isn’t really a word, we use it for a lot of different things when speaking English:

  • Put your feet on the x and look at the camera. (The shape of an "x" indicates a placement of a person or a thing.)
  • There’s an x amount of food in each container. (The letter "x" represents a certain amount that is not identified.)
  • We need an x number of students to fill each class. (How many? The number is not identified in this sentence.)
  • That movie is rated X. (An "x" rating means that the movie contains nudity.)
  • X marks the spot. (An area is identified by something, not necessarily an "x.")
  • He’s a member of Generation X. (A person born between 1961 – 1981.)
  • Sign your name on the X. (The "x" shows where a signature goes when signing important documents.)

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December 31, 2011