The word "screw" is used to describe the movement of turning something so that it fits into a hole of some kind.

You screw a light bulb into a lamp socket.

lightbulb You screw in the light bulb, and when you want to take it out you unscrew it.

A screw is also a piece of hardware that is used for putting thing together. Screws are found on cars, in houses, in furniture, inside computers, and in many, many other places.

screw This is a screw.

The word "screw" can be a noun or a verb:

  • He screwed a screw into a piece of wood.
  • He unscrewed the screw.

There are some other meanings for the word "screw" that are commonly found in American slang:

  • I got screwed by that company. (They did something that caused a financial loss.)
  • Try not to screw up. (Try not to make a mistake.)
  • Don’t screw with that! (Don’t touch that. Leave it alone.)
  • Don’t take him seriously. He’s just screwing with you. (He’s playing around or he’s intentionally making something difficult for you.)
  • Screw you! (I’m very angry with you.)
  • She’s screwing her boss. (She’s having a sexual relationship with her boss.)
  • A delayed flight screwed up their entire vacation. (The schedule was changed and that caused problems.)
  • He’s got a screw loose. (He’s crazy.)

Note: Be careful with the word "screw." If you use it the wrong way or in the wrong setting, it can be considered a vulgar choice of words.

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This page was first published on August 14, 2012. It was updated on March 19, 2016.