A cliff is the natural formation of an edge. It’s usually very high, and sometimes it’s dangerous, but people are drawn to cliffs because the view from above can be quite beautiful, or the view provides some kind of advantage.

  • There’s a lighthouse on this cliff. At night it shines a bright light to warn passing boats of the rocks along the shoreline.
  • He’s diving off of a cliff and going into the water below.
man jumping off of a cliff
  • They’re enjoying the view of the sunset while sitting on the cliff.
people sitting on a cliff
  • If he doesn’t hang on, he’ll fall off the cliff.
goat hanging on a cliff

A cliff can also be a type of metaphor (a comparison) for an important situation that must be addressed; otherwise, there could be severe consequences.

  • If the United States goes over the fiscal cliff, that could result in some economic problems.
  • Members of Congress are meeting this weekend so that they can avoid the fiscal cliff.
  • George’s stressful job finally drove him over the cliff, resulting in a mental breakdown.
  • The young woman’s use of drugs and alcohol brought her to the edge of the cliff. She finally got the help she needed.

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First published on December 29, 2012.