The word "error" is a noun. An error is a mistake.

  • Tina made three errors on her test.
  • The bank made an error on Bill’s bank statment.
  • The teacher corrected the errors on the essays and handed them back to the students.
  • A baseball player who makes a lot of errors on the field can cause his team to lose games.
  • Have you ever made a big error when purchasing something?
  • There’s are some errors on this website.
  • How many errors can you find?

The word "error" is hard to pronounce for some students. That’s because there are two "r" sounds in this word.

The first "r" sound is a final "r," similar to the word "air."

air / err

The second "r" sound is also a final "r," similar to the "r" sound in the word "her."

(h)er / or

Put those two sounds together and you get error.

Note: If you find this word to be too difficult to pronounce, you can almost always use the word "mistake" as a substitute.

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Published on December 7, 2012.