A person experiences grief when a loved one* dies. Grief is felt for a parent, a spouse, a sibling, a child, or a friend who has passed away. Many people also feel grief when the loss involves a family pet such as a dog or a cat.

  • The family felt tremendous grief following the death of their daughter.
  • The man’s grief was so overwhelming that he couldn’t speak.
  • Andrea felt very little grief when her husband died because she never really loved him.
  • The family is managing its grief very well.

The word "grieve" is a verb:

  • They’re grieving the loss of their mother.
  • Members of a hospital staff see people grieve every day.
  • Mary grieved over the death of her beloved cat for months.

The word "grief" can also be an adjective:

  • A grief counselor worked with the children following the incident.
  • The woman required grief counseling after her husband died.

* loved one: a person whom you love, usually a family member or a very close friend.

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Published on December 16, 2012.