The word "frost" can be used as a noun to describe those small ice particles that form on cold surfaces:

frost frost

  • When John goes out to his car in the morning, he has to scrape the frost off of his window.
  • The harvest season comes to an end with the first frost. After that plants wilt and die.
  • If too much frost builds up inside your freezer, you have to defrost it. (This happens on old freezers.)

defrost the freezer

  • To defrost a freezer, you open up the freezer door and let the ice melt. (The word "defrost" in this sentence is a verb.)
  • To defrost the windows on your car in the winter, use the defroster.

You can also use the word "frost" as a verb, but it’s usually used when putting the icing (sweet sugary stuff) on cake:

  • She frosted the cake with tremendous skill.
  • Did you frost the cake yet?
  • I frosted the cake this morning.

The word "frosting" is a noun:

  • I like chocolate frosting.
  • Do you like frosting on a cake?

cake What flavor is the frosting on this birthday cake?

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First published February 7, 2012.