The word "rip" is used when something is damaged or torn:

ripped pictureripped tickets
Someone ripped this picture.
The usher ripped the tickets.
simplepastpast participle
  • I ripped my shirt.
  • If you aren’t careful you’ll rip your jacket.
  • An usher rips tickets as movie goers enter a theater.
  • David ripped up his test when he got it back from the teacher.
  • The owner of the building angrily ripped down some flyers that were posted on the wall. (A "flyer" is an announcement, information, or something that promotes a personal interest.)
  • Sam quickly ripped off his shirt and dove into the water. (rip off = take off clothes)

The word "rip" can be used as a noun:

  • There’s a rip in my jacket. (This sentence uses "rip" as a noun.)
  • It’s now fashionable to have a rip in your jeans. Some women wear jeans with several rips.

You can also use "rip" in some slang:

strong Bruce looks strong.

He’s totally ripped.

  • Bruce looks really ripped. He’s been working out. (To be ripped, is to have a lot of muscles or have a strong physique.)
  • Donna ripped into her boyfriend because he was late picking her up. (rip into = express anger or criticize)
  • The guy who sold me my phone ripped me off. (rip off = cheat)
  • This is a rip off.

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This page was first published on February 11, 2012.