There are many different kinds of needles. Generally, a needle is long and sharp at the end. It’s used as a medical device or as part of a machine or a gauge. The pictures below match the descriptions for each type of needle:

1. The little boy started to cry a little when he saw the size of the needle.
needle injection
2. You use a needle and thread when you want to sew something. needle and thread
3. The needle on this old record player needs to be replaced. record player
4. A needle picks up sounds from the grooves in a record. turntable
5. The needle on this timer is close to zero. timer
6. The needle on his gas gauge shows that he’s almost out of gas. gas gauge
7. His stomach hurts. It feels like someone is poking him in the stomach with a needle.

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This page was first published on January 14, 2012.