The word "weird" is a popular adjective. It means strange or unusual. You can use "weird" to describe people or situations:

weird man

It looks kind of weird for him to be wearing an apron over his suit.

  • The weather this winter has been very weird. Today it’s warmer in New York City than it is in southern California.
  • Stay away from the guy who lives at the end of the hall. He’s weird.
  • That was a weird movie, but I liked it.
  • Vanessa says that her stomach feels weird. Maybe she’s sick.
  • Todd says he doesn’t like abstract or modern art because it’s weird.

More examples:

  • That’s weird. For some reason all the lights are off in that building. ("That’s weird" is a very common expression for something that is unusual.)
  • Something smells weird in my car.
  • It’s weird that all of the people who live in our apartment building have a first name that begins with the letter R.

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