The word "yard" is a noun. It can be a place outside of your house or a unit of measurement:

ruler Three feet equal one yard.


  • How many feet are in a yard?
  • There are three feet in a yard.
  • A football field is one hundred yards in length.
  • The carpeting we bought for our living room cost $30 per square yard.
  • This garden is about 10 yards in length.

A "yard" is also an open space in the front or the back of a person’s house:

  • Kathy enjoys cutting the grass in her front yard.
  • Our neighbors are having a party in their backyard.
  • Hanna keeps a large dog in her yard to protect the house.
  • Tim didn’t realize that having a large yard would require so much work.
  • Their backyard is full of junk.

yard maintenance He enjoys cutting the grass in his yard.

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This page was first published on January 28, 2012.