When the temperature of something or someone goes up, you can use the word "hot."

  • Be careful! This pan is hot.
  • It’s really hot today. The temperature is 96 degrees.
  • I feel really hot.
  • It’s too hot!


You can also use the adjective "hot" in other ways. When something is "hot," it might be really popular:

  • Tablet computers are hot right now.
  • This toy is so hot, the store can’t keep it on the shelves.
  • That’s a very hot color. Many people are using it for the exterior of their homes.

When "hot" is used for a person, it means that person is attractive:

  • She’s so hot! Do you know who she is?
  • The girls in the classroom think Justin Bieber is hot.
  • Jennifer Lopez still looks hot. She’s a hottie! (The word "hottie" is the noun that’s used to describe at attractive person.)

However, the word "hot" is also used when something is stolen.

  • The police think this car might be hot.
  • Tony bought some hot stereo equipment from a guy in the parking lot.
  • The pawnshop was selling hot merchandise, so the city closed it down.

Finally, the word "hot" means that food is spicy:

  • Many items at a Thai restaurant are hot.
  • Do you like hot and spicy food?

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This page was first published on July 10, 2012. It was updated on July 31, 2015.