If a person competes and wins in a competition, he or she might be awarded a medal. A medal is a prize for success or victory. Some medals are given for participation.

During the Olympic Games held every four years, athletes compete for medals. There are three types of medals:

  • A gold medal is given to someone who comes in first place.
  • A silver medal goes to the person who comes in second place.
  • The person who comes in third gets a bronze medal.

medal winner  He won a medal.

Of course, the most important thing about the games is not the winning of medals but the opportunity to compete in a peaceful setting that brings together the best athletes in the world.

Medals are also given for bravery during combat in a war or a battle.

  • Some medals are awarded for bravery.
  • Other medals are given for participation in a battle.
  • Most recipients of medals are proud of their accomplishments.

Note: The pronunciation of the word "medal" is the same as the word "metal." Most people who speak English pronounce the "t" in "metal" as a "d."

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