If something is familar to you, you know about it, or you have seen it before, or it feels like you have experienced it previously.

  • This seems familar.
  • You look familiar.
  • You look familiar. Do I know you?
  • I’m very familiar with this area. I’ve been here many times.
  • I am familiar with the people who live in this area.
  • It’s nice to meet someone who is familiar with this type of music.
  • Are you familiar with the work of Pablo Picasso?

The word "familiarity" is a noun. When someone has a lot of experience or contact with another person or a thing, we can use the word "familiarity."

  • Don was hired to work in Mexico because of his familiarty with the people and their culture.
  • Wanda’s familiarity with computers increases her value as an employee.