When the word "ship" is used as a verb, it means to send something through the postal system. You mail a package or something that is large.

simplepastpast participle
  • How much would it cost to ship a bike from New York to Los Angeles?
  • The company that Laurie works for ships its products to countries all over the world.
  • Bob needs to ship something by overnight delivery.
  • They shipped their son off to military school because he needed more discipline. (You can use "ship" with a person.)
  • The business cards we ordered were free, but we had to pay ten dollars for shipping. (The noun form of "ship" is "shipping.")
  • Shipping and handling costs added a lot of extra money to our purchase.
  • We received a new shipment of paper. (The word "shipment" is also a noun.)
  • The shipment on the dock is ready to be picked up and delivered.

packageHow much will it cost to ship this package?

The word "ship" is also used to describe a large boat.

  • Large ships travel across the ocean.
  • After the passengers boarded the ship, it set sail for its next destination. (set sail = travel to a place)
  • Cargo moves around the world on board very large barges and ships.

ship ship

A ship also flies through space. This is a spaceship:

space ship spaceship

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