When this word is a noun, you can pronounce it one of two ways:

ad’ dress (the accent is on the first syllable)


 a ddress’ (the accent is on the second syllable).

  • Do you know their address?
  • What’s the address?
  • We couldn’t find the address.
  • Is this the address?
  • The address is 4231 Lyndale Avenue.
  • Her current address is 150 North Oak Street.

When "address" is used as a verb, you can use it to refer to a place where a person lives, but it also means the manner in which you speak to another person.

When used as a verb, the accent is always on the second syllable: a ddress

  • I have to address several envelopes.
  • How do you address your teacher? (Do you call him by his first name?)
  • His manner of addressing the President was very disrespectful. (The word "addressing" in this sentence is a gerund.)
  • The police addressed the crowd and told them to leave the area.
  • How should we address this situation? (address = take care of).

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