Use the word "end" when something finishes or is completed.

As a noun it looks like this:

  • This construction project is coming to an end.
  • When is the end of the movie?
  • That’s the end of the street.
  • Negotiations brought an end to the fighting.
  • The end of his shift is at 8:00.

You can take the sentences above and rewrite them with the word "end" as a verb:

  • This construction project is ending.
  • When does this movie end?
  • The street ends over there.
  • The fighting ended following negotiations.
  • His shift ends at 8:00.

A common idiom that uses "end" is "end up." This is used for a situation and its conclusion. It’s similar to the word "finish."

  • When Mohammed moved to the United States, he and his family ended up in Detroit, Michigan.
  • Our company ended up with a big profit last year.
  • Laura always ends up staying late at the office because she has so much work to do.
  • Where did you end up last night after the party?
  • How did the game end up? I left early.

end of the year

Students graduate at the end of the school year.

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