Use the adjective "full" when describing a situation in which there is enough of something, you don’t need any more, or there isn’t any room:

  • My stomach is full. I can’t eat any more.
  • Rhianna’s gas tank is full. She doesn’t need to get any gas.
  • This class is full. There isn’t room for additional students.
  • The truck isn’t full yet. We can still put more things into it.

However, you can also use "full" when there is a lot of something:

  • The sink is full of dishes.
  • The room is full of people.
  • The bank is full of money.
  • He’s full of confidence. He feels very good about himself.

Don’t confuse "full" with the verb "fill."

  • I filled my gas tank. Now it’s full.
  • Fill the truck until it’s full.
  • The class quickly filled up with students until it was full.

full moon There’s a full moon tonight.

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Published March 2, 2012 / Updated January 4, 2018