Like most Americans, I use the word "nice" so many times during the day that it’s hard to keep track (keep track = count). It’s a word that we probably use too often, but you have to learn how to use it, and you might even consider using "nice" in these situations:

  • He seems like a really nice guy. (This is someone you just met.)
  • A big breakfast is a nice way to start the day. (This is a good situation.)
  • That little girl is not being nice to the other children. (not being nice = bad behavior)
  • When I explained the reason for returning the coat, the salesperson was very nice about it. (nice = understanding)
  • The party was nice. (You didnt’ have a good time, but you needed to say something about it.)
  • Now that is a nice car. (The emphasis on "that" indicates the car is very, very nice.)
  • Oh, she called in sick again. That’s nice. (This is an example of sarcasm. The speaker is unhappy.)
  • Oh, that’s nice! (Someone in uhappy about something.)
  • Nice! (By elongating the word, it becomes an interjection, similar to words like "wow" and "awesome.")

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Published March 12, 2012