May 28, 2012 – Word of the Day


The word "gloomy" is an adjective. Use it to describe situations that are dark, such as the weather, one’s mood, artwork, and economic prospects.

  • The weather is very gloomy today. It’s raining and the sky is gray.
  • November is kind of a gloomy month. The sky is often dark and the days get shorter and shorter.
  • Why does Andrea look so gloomy? Did she get some bad news?
  • Edvard Munch’s work feels very gloomy. His painting, The Scream, is a good example of this.
  • The movie we saw last night was good, but it was also quite gloomy. A lot of people died at the end.
  • Many people in the United States still feel gloomy about the economy; however, the situation is improving.


It’s very gloomy today.

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