A hose is used for bringing liquids or gas from one place to another.

hoseThis hose is used for water.

  • I use a hose when I water my garden.
  • Firefighters use a hose when putting out fires.
  • When you get gas from a gas station, a hose goes into your gas tank.
  • There are all kinds of hoses under the hood of your car.
  • If the tires on your car look low, you can usually find an air hose at a gas station.

It’s possible to use "hose" as a verb:

  • After riding his truck through a muddy field, Tom hosed down his truck. (hose down = wash off)
  • During a confrontation with police, protesters were hosed down with water to make them move away.
  • Burt got hosed on a poor investment. (To get hosed is slang. It means that a person was cheated or felt some sort of negative result.)

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This page was first published on May 16, 2012. It was updated on January 31, 2016.