Something or someone that goes fast zooms. You can use "zoom" as a verb. It has a strong onomatopoeic quality. That means the sound of the word is related to its meaning. Zoom. The word itself sounds like something that is moving very fast.

  • A car zoomed past our house. It was going too fast.
  • The children zoomed around the backyard for a few hours before going inside.
  • Roy will only buy cars that go zoom.
  • A large bee zoomed past Chloe’s ear.
  • People who live near a military base often hear fighter planes zooming overhead.
  • The profits for Heidi’s small business are zooming past what she expected for this month.


The race car driver zoomed past all the others to win the race.

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This page was first published on May 25, 2012. It was updated on January 30, 2016.