simplepastpast participle

When you use your hands to direct an object towards a specific area, you throw something.

  • throw He’s throwing a ball.
  • He threw the ball down the field. (past tense)
  • How far can you throw a ball?
  • Has Abdi ever thrown an American football? (present perfect tense)
  • Flowers were thrown onto the stage following the performance.

The word "throw" is also used when putting something into the garbage.

  • Doris threw her old dress into the garbage.
  • Throw those old apples away. They’re rotten.
  • Dan hasn’t thrown away any of his old artwork. He keeps it in a big box.
  • Please throw those boxes out. We don’t need them.

You can use "throw" when hosting a party:

  • Our neighbors threw a big party last week.
  • The school threw a going-away party for one of the teachers who was moving to Russia.
  • Ted threw an annniversary party for his parents who have been married for fifty years.

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This page was first published on November 15, 2012. It was updated on December 25, 2015.