The word "belong" is a verb that is used when describing the ownership of something. It’s also used to describe relationships:

simplepastpast participle
  • Do these things belong to you? Are they yours?
  • The house on the corner belonged to a married couple with four kids.
  • This book doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to the school.
  • She can’t take that home if it doesn’t belong to her.
  • Cars don’t belong in this area. You have to park somewhere else.
  • Who does that little boy belong to?
  • He belongs to the young woman in the red skirt.
  • Those two belong together. (They’re in love and plan to get married.)

To change "belong" into a noun, add "ing" to the end of it:

  • Whose belongings are these?
  • Are these your belongings?
  • A homeless man is sitting in the street with all of his belongings.

stuff from suitcase

All of his belongings spilled out of his suitcase.

Note: The verb "belong" can’t be used in the passive voice.

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