If a person is desperate, he or she has a strong need for something. A situation requires immediate attention. The word "desperate" is an adjective:

  • Jonah can’t find a good apartment. He’s becoming desperate.
  • Renee is desperate to find a new job. She lost her job six months ago, and now she’s desperately trying to find employment. (The word "desperately" is an adverb.)
  • A desperate man walked into the bank and stole some money. He was quickly caught afterwards.
  • People in the village have a desperate need for clean water. They desperately need it.

An "ion" ending creates the noun form for this word:

  • Desperation filled the air as a small kitchen fire quickly spread out of control.
  • Renee’s desperation to find a new job is evident to all who know her.
  • A sense of desperation suddenly took hold among the passengers in the sinking ship.

a sinking boat a sinking ship

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First published on October 17, 2012