The word "strong" is an adjective that describe a person or a thing with great power, abilities, or desires. It’s the opposite of "weak."


  • My friend, Jim, is really strong. He can lift heavy objects above his head.
  • Martha is a very strong woman. As a single mother, she has five kids and a full-time job.
  • My students have a strong desire to learn English.
  • Our company had a strong year. Profits were way up.
  • The house wasn’t strong enough to withstand the force of a tornado.
  • This coffee is very strong. (strong = a lot of flavor and caffeine)
  • How strong do you like your tea?
  • Two boys arm wrestled to prove who was stronger. (The word "stronger" is the comparative form of the adjective.)
  • The strongest countries in the world are obligated to help those who are in need. (The word "strongest" is a superlative adjective.)

The noun form of this word is "strength."

  • He has a lot of strength in his hands.
  • The strength of her performance amazed everyone.
  • The American economy is starting to show some strength.
  • The woman’s emotional and physical strength was tested following several treatments for cancer.

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This page was first published on October 11, 2012. It was updated on October 18, 2015.