Directions: Choose the best words to complete each sentence.

 cool drink eat edible  jealous lick open  sight  sound store

1. This steak is so over-cooked, it’s barely __________.

2. John lost his __________ when he realized someone hit his new car.

3. Even though the construction of the building was __________, it could not withstand the force of a tornado.

4. Gerald became __________ when he saw his girlfriend talking with another man.

5. Are you __________ to the idea of going to Brazil on vacation?

6. She can’t drive. She’s had way too much to __________.

7. Try not to lose __________ of your goals.

8. This meeting is probably going to __________ up most of the afternoon.

9. Where do you __________ your frozen food?

10. It’s not necessary to _________ postage stamps anymore. Most of them have an adhesive backing.

(Answers: 1. edible; 2. cool; 3. sound; 4. jealous; 5. open; 6. drink; 7. sight; 8. eat; 9. store; 10. lick)

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