The word "comfortable" is a popular adjective that describes how good a person feels. If you feel comfortable, you feel physically or emotionally at ease.


  • This couch is very comfortable.
  • Jim feels comfortable in his new job.
  • Jasmin and Javier have been married for sixteen years. They’re very comfortable with each other.
  • They live in a comfortable neighborhood.
  • I don’t want to throw away these old jeans because they feel so comfortable.

To make the negative for this word, use "not" or the prefix "un."

  • The flight from Miami was not very comfortable. There were too many people on the plane.
  • The flight was uncomfortable.
  • A loud disagreement between two men made everyone on the bus feel uncomfortable.
  • Darnesha isn’t comfortable with the idea of moving to another country.

To make an adverb for the word "comfortable," add an "ly" ending:

  • Peter lives very comfortably on his retirement savings.
  • I slept comfortably last night because the air was cool and dry.

Note: This is a difficult word to pronounce slowly. If you say the word "comfortable" too slowly, it sounds strange. Try to say it as fast as you can.

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This page was first published on September 9, 2012. It was updated on August 15, 2015.