The word "incredible" usually has one of two meanings. It can be something very good or something that is hard to believe.

  • Usain Bolt turned in an incredible performance at the Olympic Games in London.
  • His speed was incredible.
  • The frosting on this cake is incredible. I love it.
  • Liam told his wife some incredible story about where he was last night, but she didn’t believe him.
  • I have an incredible amount of work to do. (There’s a lot of work to do.)
  • It’s incredible how many people come to this website every day. (The number of people who come here is very large.)

The word "incredibly" is the adverb form for this word:

  • This cake is incredibly good.
  • He’s an incredibly fast runner.
  • Our flight to Los Angeles was incredibly uncomfortable.
  • That car is incredibly fast.


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This page was first published on September 8, 2012. It was updated on July 10, 2015.