A person who wants what another person has might be jealous (The word "envious" is a synonym.).

  • Jimmy started to feel a little jealous of his baby sister who suddenly got more attention from his parents than he did.
  • I heard you’re going on vacation to Hawaii. I’m so jealous!
  • Everyone is jealous of Sophia. She won the lottery.

The word "jealous" is especially useful when describing possible romantic attractions that occur outside of a relationship between two people.

man and woman Ed and Beth

  • Jennifer became very jealous when she found out that her husband, Ed, had a relationship with a coworker named Beth.
  • Dave might feel a little jealous if he ever finds out his girlfriend is working with a guy who looks like Brad Pitt.
  • Jennifer is a jealous wife.
  • Dave is a jealous boyfriend.

The noun form of this word is "jealousy."

  • Ultimately, Joe’s feelings of jealousy towards his wife doomed their relationship.
  • Alana decided that she wouldn’t be bothered by the jealousy that other people felt about her.


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