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To combine things or people is to put them together:

  • The members of the team combined their efforts to win the football game.
  • Larissa and Alie are combining their talent and knowledge in the formation of a new company.
  • Hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water.
  • The members of the family combine their income to pay household expenses.

The adjective form of this word is "combined."

  • Jim and Tina have a combined income of over "$60,000.
  • The partners' combined efforts contributed to their success.
  • Their combined years of experience gave them a great advantage over their competitors.

The word "combination" is a noun:

  • Milk and cookies are a great combination.
  • Cake and carbonated beverages are not a good combination.
  • A combination of luck and talent gave Sheryl the opportunity of a career in the music business.
  • Guns and alcohol are a deadly combination.
  • The combination of iron, carbon, and some other elements produces steel.

steel production steel production


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October 15, 2012







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