To remark on something is to make comments. Often, these comments are made by a person who has some authority and voices opinions about a topic or a situation. In these sentences, "remark" is a verb:

  • A member of the group remarked that they needed support from the community.
  • Mr. Bowls often remarks on the length of his son’s hair.
  • The President remarked on the bravery of all the people involved in the rescue operation.
  • Authorities refuse to remark on the details of the crime.

This word is often used as a noun:

  • The student made a clever remark about the play, Hamlet.
  • Some closing remarks were made at the end of the ceremony.
  • Remarks from officials concluded the event.

The word "remarkable" is an adjective. Use this word when something extremely interesting or surprising happens:

  • Her recovery following the accident was remarkable.
  • His achievements and scientific discoveries are remarkable.
  • A remarkable young woman from Canada has become the company’s new CEO.

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Published on April 20, 2013