April 25, 2013 – Word of the Day



A person who rents something pays only for the time that he or she uses it. You can rent a car, a house, a building, a store, or equipment.

In these examples, "rent" is a verb:

  • They’re renting a house.
  • Zelda needs to rent a car for a few weeks. (The word "lease" could be used in place of "rent.")
  • Hank’s company rents out office space in this building. (They own the building. To rent out something is to make it available for other people to rent it.)
  • Where can I rent a compressor?
  • Let’s rent a boat and go on the lake.

The adjective form of "rent" is "rented" or "rental."

  • They live in a rented house.
  • They signed a rental agreement.
  • They took out rental insurance in case of a fire or a flood.

The word "rent" is a noun.

  • Did you pay this month’s rent?
  • The rent is due on the fifth day of the month.
  • They pay a very high rent. It’s $2000 a month for a one-bedroom apartment.
  • How much is the rent?

money for rent

A person who rents is a "renter." The thing being rented is a "rental."

  • The renters didn’t pay the rent, so they were evicted. (They were forced to leave.)
  • All the houses on this block are rentals.
  • He’s driving a rental for a few days while his car is being fixed.
  • Tired of being a renter, Tanya finally decided to buy a house.

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