A hill is a raised area of land that has a slope. The slope can be gradual or sharp. A hill is much smaller than a mountain. A hill looks like this:


This is a hill.

  • Let’s go climb that hill.
  • They went up the hill, then they went down the hill.
  • Wisconsin is a state with a lot of hills. The land is hilly. ("Hilly" is an adjective.)
  • Would you like to have a house on top of a hill?
  • Hills are fun to go down on a bike, but they aren’t much fun when going up.
  • He’s going to go down the hill on his sled.


He has a sled.

  • A sled is used for going down snow-covered hills in the winter.
  • He’ll go down the hill on his sled. (The contraction "he’ll" and the noun "hill" have exactly the same sound in standard American English.)

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August 7, 2013