The word "near" is very similar to "close" or "close to." This is a good preposition to understand:

  • Jorge lives near the place where he works.
  • He lives close to the place where he works.
  • There’s a police station near the school.
  • Is there a hospital near here?
  • Don’t let the kids play near the stove.
  • Amina and Ali live near the ocean.
  • The ball is very near the hole.

golf ball It’s near the cup.

The word "nearly" is an adverb:

  • The ball nearly made it into the cup.
  • The construction project is nearly finished.
  • They nearly escaped injury.
  • We’re nearly done.
  • It’s nearly ten o’clock. (It’s almost 10:00.)
  • I nearly missed your call. (This means I picked up the phone just in time.)
  • She nearly made it on time. (This means she didn’t get there on time.)

A word similar to "near" is "nearby." It often appears at the end of a sentence or question.

nearby = near here

  • Is there a drugstore nearby? (Is there a drugstore near here?)
  • My friends live nearby.
  • That movie we want to see is showing at a theater nearby. Let’s go there.

There are more examples for "near" on this page.

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August 24, 2013